Universal Life Insurance

Our universal life insurance solutions combine flexible life insurance with the power of tax-deferred investment choices to accommodate all your client’s financial planning needs.

Plan Highlights

  • Two benefit options including Level and Increasing
  • Five cost of insurance structures including: Level, Annual Renewable Term to 100 (ART100), Annual Renewable Term to 85 (ART85/15), 10-Year Term (YRT10) and 20-Year Term (YRT20)
  • No Surrender Fee option
  • Wealth Plus bonus not tied to fund performance – determined based on Tax Exempt Account Value less Loan account Value – 0.1% per month (1.2% annually) after five years within Trilogy
  • Unlimited fund transfers between investment choices
  • Seven guaranteed interest options including 10- and 20-year guaranteed interest options, both with a minimum guaranteed interest rate of 1.75%
  • 23 indexed options, including 16 managed index accounts that charge only the Investment Income Tax (IIT) rate – currently 0.24% for 2015
  • Multi-life, Joint First or Last to Die options on up to five lives


TermsPosted RatesOur Rates
1 Year*3.7%2.69%
2 Years*3.55%2.59%
3 Years*4.64%2.49%
4 Years*4.64%2.69%
5 Years*4.24%2.59%

* Rates as of Jan 6, 2022  subject to change.  Rates are based on High Ratio mortgages.

Prime Rate: 2.45%

Benchmark Qualifying rate: 5.25

Unbeatable Mortgages Rate Table

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