Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance (or whole life insurance) provides guaranteed lifetime protection. Different types of permanent life insurance are available depending on your needs today and in the future.

The simplest to understand is the permanent, non-participating plan providing guaranteed level lifetime coverage and fully paid-up at age 100. Other features include cash and paid-up values starting after 4 years.

Empire Life offers one permanent non-participating products

  • Solution 100 – level premium to age 100

Non-participating permanent life insurance is a great choice for

  • Mature clients looking to protect the estate for their heirs
  • Young children needing long-term value today
  • Clients wanting simple, affordable insurance for complex strategies
  • Individuals wanting to provide generous gifts to their favourite charities


TermsPosted RatesOur Rates
1 Year*3.7%2.69%
2 Years*3.55%2.59%
3 Years*4.64%2.49%
4 Years*4.64%2.69%
5 Years*4.24%2.59%

* Rates as of Jan 6, 2022  subject to change.  Rates are based on High Ratio mortgages.

Prime Rate: 2.45%

Benchmark Qualifying rate: 5.25

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