Credit cards, student loans and lines of credit cost borrowers like you and I a small fortune every year.

That’s because interest rates for these products are higher than secured loans, and they’re compounded frequently making them extremely unaffordable for most.

A little-known secret is a $2,000 credit card will take approximately 83 years to pay off if only the minimum payment is made. That’s incredible, isn’t it?! It’s also very legal which is precisely the reason why banks are mailing everybody with a postal code a pre-approved Visa and MasterCard these days!

What happens to people like you and I who use these cards regularly? What happens when we are not able to pay them off? We may find ourselves living pay cheque to pay cheque and without a long or short-term savings plan.

If this sounds like you, the solution is easy!

Refinancing is proven to be the gold-standard when it comes to debt consolidation. Extremely low-interest rates help you recover cash flow each month instead of using it to pay high interest only credit cards and other loans.

The process of paying everything off is also quick and easy.

Many people have graciously trusted me to refinance them out of their mortgage. I’ve helped them to maximize their savings and most importantly, get them out of debt immediately.

In the long run, they’ve been successful at recovering cash flow each month and accumulating more wealth because of all the money they were able to save!

Renegotiating your mortgage and finding ways to maximize savings is a fundamental step to becoming debt free and paying off your mortgage faster. It’s also a much better way to enjoy a good night’s sleep!

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