Do you have your home mortgage in a HELOC? It maybe time to rethink that. If you are in a HELOC or home equity line of credit your amount of interest would have flocculated as well. If you payment was set to pay interest only then you likely have been asked to increase to help offset the new interest charges if you had a higher payment set then more will be going to interest and less to principal.
For someone in a HELOC current with a $300,000 mortgage with a prime plus interest rate your interest only payment is $1773.58 if we switched that to a mortgage with a rate of 4.89% your monthly payment would be $1726.08 where $1210.23 would go to interest and you would contributing $515.85 to your mortgage principal every monthly. In a 5-year term you would have paid down $34,939.01 but with the HELOC your principal would have stayed the same making those interest only payments.
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